Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Barrhead deserves better buses!

by David Allison (East Renfrewshire Greens Communications Team)

The Barrhead News have run an excellent story on the poor bus connections in the area, quoting local resident and author Phil Mews and myself.
Here’s the full text of the comment I gave to reporter Jonathan Reilly when he asked me about this situation:

“The issue of poor bus connections from Barrhead to Glasgow came up time and time again during my council election campaign. Local resident and author Phil Mews’ description of his “daily struggle” to get in and out of Glasgow without using a car was sadly far too common – if you’re trying to make your way between Barrhead and Glasgow by bus after 7pm, there are few options available to you.

Greens support increased regulation of the buses, something that the Get Glasgow Moving campaign have been working hard to highlight the importance of recently, and which could help improve the situation here.  Our MSPs will work to secure this at Holyrood, and on a local level Greens will continue to highlight the need for regular, well connected buses.

“Local authorities in connecting councils need to work together to ensure that there’s a public transport network in place that’s useful, affordable, and environmentally friendly.  That’s why I’m delighted by the fact that my fellow Greens in Glasgow have been exploring proposals for a publicly run bus service that uses electric vehicles.

“This may not be easily achieved, but it’s not impossible – it just won’t happen without leadership.  Places like Barrhead will greatly benefit from a bit of ambition from our elected representatives, so I look forward to seeing Glasgow’s new Green councillors work with people who rely on these services across the greater Glasgow area to develop a truly modern public transport system that’s fit for public need.”


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This entry was posted on June 23, 2017 by in barrhead, public transport.
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