Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Accessible Taxis – Two Months (Six Years?) On!

I’ve previously written about the lack of wheelchair accessible taxis in East Renfrewshire, so you can imagine that I was delighted when I heard that the council had finally agreed to take meaningful action to improve this situation.

I still have my concerns about how long it took us to get here though, given that East Renfrewshire Disability Action chair Michael McEwan has been campaigning on this for six years now.  Here’s a video where I talk about wanting to be part of a council that listens:

My friend and fellow council candidate Sarah Anderson wrote an excellent piece on why it’s important to take disabled people’s lived experience into account in local decision making.  Sarah’s story about having called around 20 taxi companies without being able to get someone who could take her wheelchair really highlights the importance of East Renfrewshire Disability Action’s campaign, I think.

Vote Green on the 4th of May to elect councillors who know that the best way to improve the lives of disabled people and those important to them, including carers, is to work with them to build communities suited to all our needs.


The Scottish Green Party has created a Disability Manifesto for the local council elections, which you can download and read in full here.



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