Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Protecting the Environment in East Ren!

by David Allison, council candidate for Ward 1 – Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor

You might expect a party based around environmentalism to welcome the new biogas plant in Greenhags as the gas it produces will replace dirty fossil fuel and help Scotland’s fight against global warming.  As a renewable energy source, biogas can cut greenhouse gases by up to 50 per cent compared to burning fossil fuel, which makes it a very Green idea!

Artist’s impression of the Greenhags biogas plant – from The Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra

However, in the Greenhags case opportunities have been missed in the planning process for the developers to state the carbon benefits and seek improvements to make the plant and biogas as green as possible.  

If the plant used genuine wastes as feedstocks rather than specially grown crops, and if the planning had made more efforts to minimise the traffic impact, then we would know that the plant would have genuine environmental benefit.

When elected to East Renfrewshire Council, we will work to ensure that all decisions made in the name of the environment actually provide a healthy environment for East Renfrewshire, and the planet!  

Sometimes this might mean looking at something like this biogas plant with a more critical eye, and sometimes it might mean pushing for bolder action to improve the cycling and walking routes in the area, but whatever the challenges Greens are committed to building a future for East Renfrewshire that’s worthy of the people who live there.  




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This entry was posted on April 20, 2017 by in Climate Change, Vote Green 2017.
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