Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

New recycling bins are a wheelie good thing!


by Jim Densham

Have you received your new recycling wheelie bins yet? I got mine yesterday and I’m looking forward to filling them! Like many other people who complained, I am fed up with the blue box, green bag and white sack arrangement; especially after a windy Monday when I have to search up and down the street to retrieve my sacks. Also, after any uplift of recycling there are always items littering the street after the truck has left.

I also think its high time we got serious about recycling what we throw away. After all, when we say ‘throw away’ rubbish there really is no such place as ‘away’. What we dispose of has to go somewhere and that has traditionally been in landfill. Landfill is unsightly, smelly and contaminates valuable land so it can’t be used for other purposes like growing food. We can’t go on dumping our waste in holes in the ground forever. Also, what we throw out clearly contains valuable resources that can be used again. Recycling plastics and metals prevent the need to mine for oil or fresh metal ores, food waste can be composted and reused to grow food, unwanted clothing can be put in the clothing bank and have a new life too. Recycling makes sense so I applaud East Ren Council for making it easier with the new bins.

The move to the grey bin being collected only every 3 weeks also sends a big message to us all that recycling is essential and that its now possible to minimise our non-recyclable rubbish. My family is a pretty average 2 adults, 2 kids family in a semi-detached property. Even now with the grey bin collected every 2 weeks I often go 4 weeks before putting it out for collection – it’s often not even half full. When you recycle bottles, cans, plastics and paper on the kerbside, take cardboard and drinks cartons to the recycling bank by the library (these will be able to go in one of the new wheelie bins), and take big stuff to the tip, there isn’t much left to go in the old grey bin. If I can do it so can we all.

East Ren Council are supplying the new recycling bins because it costs them money (our Council Tax money) to send rubbish to landfill and there is a Government target to end sending waste to landfill by 2021. Find out more of their reasons for the change here. For you and me the reasons to recycle should be clear – saving our Council Tax for other services, less unsightly landfill tips in the countryside, doing our bit for the climate and the environment. So let’s embrace the new wheelie bins (you don’t have physically hug them!). Recycling’s not rubbish, in more ways than one.


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