Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Scotland Can unlock the power in our communities

Clarkston community council disbanded mid-term

by Laura Stevens

The East Ren Greens have been dismayed at the imposition of a new scheme, mid-term, for community councils within East Renfrewshire which has caused the Clarkston Community Council, amongst others, to be disbanded and subsequently failed to be reconstituted. The chair of Clarkston Community Council went as far as to call this process a ‘tenacious attack upon our democratic, statutory status.’

We have covered the issue extensively on this blog, as we believe in local democracy. One of our main campaign themes for the Holyrood election is ‘Scotland can unlock the power in our communities’ and it seems that East Renfrewshire Council believes the exact opposite of this.

If other recent news stories are anything to go by, it seems as though issue is not limited to our local area, and that community councils need support throughout the country.


As well as Clarkston Community Council, Broom, Kirkhill & Mearnskirk, Eaglesham & Wate.rfoot, and Netherlee & Stamperland community councils do not exist. Each of these community councils were trying to represent their community and play an important role in planning oversight, community policing, and in some cases the placing of defibrillators in community spaces.

The East Ren Greens call upon the council to ensure that the community councils are reconstituted and subsequently left to do the job in the community they were envisaged to do.


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This entry was posted on April 24, 2016 by in Community Councils.
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