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Community Councils – December Update!

A brief update on the ongoing issues with community councils in East Renfrewshire, by our own Laura Stevens:


At a time of year when many people are busy preparing for the upcoming festive season, ERC put out another call for nominations to three community councils which we blogged about last month. Last Friday, a quiet announcement made on the Council’s website that stated that a community council had been re-established in Giffnock (after they dissolved the elected one in September of this year) and a new Community Council had been formed in Crookfur, Greenfarm and Mearns Village. Efforts to established a CC in the newly formed ward of Broomhill, Kirkhill and Mearnskirk failed for a second time due to a lack of nominations received.

There seems to have been very little engagement between ERC and the communities it claims to represent. One does have to question the motivation behind calling for CC nominations as we reach the busiest time of year for some folk. Their approach to consulting the people of East Ren, after the first failed round of nominations in September, has been non-existent, beyond a consultation earlier in the year which fewer than 1, 000 people responded to. It’s also worth noting that the recent election results have not been circulated on the Council’s social media sites. Perhaps they’re embarrassed by a failed second attempt to establish a CC, after breaking up an existing, democratically elected Community Council.

East Ren Greens welcomes more democracy for communities but it’s vital that it is a process carried out as a dialogue between local government and the people they represent. There appears to have been no evidence that this is a process that ERC wishes to engages in, beyond lip service. We would be happy to liaise with the Council and open up these discussions before they attempt, and possibly fail, to re-establish Community Councils in the area.  

How would you like to see Community Councils run in East Ren? Get in touch and let us know!


One comment on “Community Councils – December Update!

  1. BN
    December 16, 2015

    Can I point out that Newton Mearns CC took a stand against the illegal actions of ERC’s new scheme and are operating normally representing all the good people of NM? Interestingly the so called new Crookfur CC was two members short on the morning the election closed. Curiously four of its CCllrs. share the same two addresses. Desperate and manipulative or what?

    The Briefing Notes Team

    Dictated to my iPad E&OE.


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