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Statement on ERC’s decision to sell off Bonnyton House

bonnyton house - image via the evening times

East Renfrewshire Greens are disappointed to hear that the council have decided to sell East Ren’s one publicly owned care home, Bonnyton House in Busby, and we would like to express our solidarity with those who have protested against this move.

The Save Bonnyton House campaign has presented the council with an alternative savings plan, and raised several important questions about the transparency and cost of this process, but the council have failed to reassure campaigners that these concerns and proposals have been taken seriously.

It now seems that a private organisation will be trusted not just to find ways to not just make savings in the running of the home, but to make it profitable as well. Like many others in our community, we are deeply worried about the impact this will have on the range and quality of care provided by Bonnyton House.


We’re glad to see that the Save Bonnyton House campaign are willing to keep the pressure on ERC, and want to offer our support to the campaigners, care staff and residents moving forward from this terrible decision.


–> Save Bonnyton House Facebook group

–> Statement from Common Weal East Renfrewshire: “Whilst it may not come as a surprise, the decision is still a disgrace”

–> Briefing Notes: “Short notice of protest against the Councils plan to sell off Bonnyton House has been received”

–> Evening Times: “Campaign to halt sale threat at care home”

–> South and Eastwood Extra: “Bonnyton campaigners ‘in limbo’ over future”


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