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Time for a New Economy

The Barrhead News published an article today that flags up a rise in unemployment in East Renfrewshire, in contrast to small decreases both in neighboring Renfrewshire and nationwide.

The news of this increase is worrying, and the following paragraph from the Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce’s report caught my eye:

The average price of Brent crude oil per barrel has remained at low levels throughout 2015 so far and long term low oil prices represent a challenge not only for the oil and gas sector and the North East of Scotland, but for every business in Scotland that makes up the supply chain of firms in the industry.

It would be dangerous to underestimate how much of an impact the oil industry has on the rest of Scotland’s economy, which is why the Scottish Greens commissioned a major report on the jobs that could be created in a new economy, as part of a transition away from our reliance on oil.


Few would argue that this transition will be easy, but that’s not a good enough reason not to take on the challenge, especially not when future stability from Aberdeen to East Renfrewshire and far beyond is at stake.

We have seen what rapid deindustrialisation does to our communities, and most of us are still struggling to grasp the impact of climate change on life as we know it.

As Scottish Green MSP Alison Johnstone stated, “The need for a clear vision has never been greater.”  That’s why I would ask you to support us in promoting a genuine conversation on how we might build a future that is rich in good jobs, low on carbon emissions, and built to last. 


6 comments on “Time for a New Economy

  1. neptune's Aura Astrology
    October 2, 2015

    we can’t have jobs and a future, need to start being honest


    • daval82
      October 2, 2015

      That’s quite a big statement, would you like to say more?

      The Scottish Greens support a citizens income, which could help to break the link between life and labour, and ensure that people actually benefit from technological innovations in the world of work, but trying to figure out how to move towards a less toxic and exploitative economy seems like a sensible idea to me.


      • neptune's Aura Astrology
        October 2, 2015

        Jobs or employment require imperialism, in order to work you are not self sufficient and that sufficiency is met by taking from others and planet at unsustainable rate, we don’t need jobs we need to be self sustaining – we need new methods that allows people to do that, gives people complete power and more freedom than a citizen’s income and real food security.


      • daval82
        October 2, 2015

        Would agree with the outline of your destination, but think it’s important to work out how we get there.

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      • neptune's Aura Astrology
        October 2, 2015

        means changes – means there is an optimal town / city size beyond which self sufficiency is impossible – means finding home designs ordinary people can build – means freeing the land for the people – means using better techniques.

        But Eridu / Eridug in Sumeria fed itself Uruk and other city states were too large to do this – civilisation, imperialism and environmental disaster go hand in hand – have to redefine civilisation in terms of what is sustainable and fair long term.


  2. greenl4l
    October 2, 2015

    Reblogged this on Green Living 4 Live.


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