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Scottish Independence – One Year On, Other Worlds are Still Possible

Marking the first anniversary of the independence referendum, the Scottish Greens have today (18 September) released a statement confirming their position on a future referendum and an independent Scotland. The party which has been polling strongly for next year’s Holyrood election has agreed that there should, in time, be a second referendum.


Independence SGP statementThe Greens have pledged to focus during the next session of parliament on using Holyrood’s powers to make a difference to the people of Scotland, but also to bring forward a radical package of ideas to demonstrate how much better an independent Scotland could be. That work begins with the development of a detailed research paper on an independent currency. Regarding the timing of a future referendum, the party says it will respect citizen-led initiatives such as a call for a referendum signed by up to 1 million people on the electoral register.

The Scottish Greens, whose membership has surged from 1,700 to over 9,000 in the past year, are launching a crowdfund appeal to develop detailed research into what would be required to set up a new currency to ensure an independent Scotland had maximum economic independence. The paper will be written by Ronald MacDonald, Research Professor in Macroeconomics and International Finance at Glasgow University, and is supported by former Labour MP and Yes Scotland chair Dennis Canavan.

Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Greens Co-convener, said:

“Scottish Greens are proud of the role we played in the independence debate. We engaged constructively as we saw huge opportunities to create a more equal and democratic society, and a sustainable economy.

“Our membership surge has strengthened our position and will help us build our arguments ahead of the next referendum, whenever that may be. The key issue of currency must be fully explored.

“Given the economic, social and environmental challenges that Scotland faces, the need for a strong Green voice at Holyrood has never been greater. As we develop long-term ideas for the next referendum, we also commit to holding the Scottish Government to account on its use of the existing range of powers.”

Dennis Canavan, former Labour MP and Chair of Yes Scotland, said:

“Currency was a key issue during the last referendum campaign and many voters were understandably confused on that issue. Currency is also likely to be a key issue during the next referendum campaign and it is therefore important for all of us who support independence to get our act together.

“That is why I welcome this research initiative which I trust will promote further study of the various options in the hope of presenting a coherent policy in readiness for the next referendum campaign.”

Click here to download a copy of the Scottish Greens’ independence statement.

– See more, including the full text of the statement, at:


2 comments on “Scottish Independence – One Year On, Other Worlds are Still Possible

  1. Thee Guv
    September 19, 2015

    Sorry but that is an affront to democracy. We voted and the matter is now determined. We were promised it was a once in a generation referendum.
    No wonder politicians cannot be trusted when they even dare suggest a rerun. That is an assault on all who voted.
    Is it the policy of the Greens to rerun referendums until they get the answer the leadership wants? Hardly seems green in any application of the word. Please rethink this travesty of refusing to accept, abide by, and support the free will of the Scottish people.


  2. daval82
    September 19, 2015

    I understand that many people find the continued enthusiasm for Scottish independence upsetting or aggravating, and I’m starting to come around to the view that Patrick Harvie was performing an important public service when he asked Yes enthusiasts to imagine themselves in the position of disgruntled No voters at the end of his recent Sun column.

    Still, the continued existence and indeed rude health of the independence movement means that simply stating that last year’s referendum was a once in a lifetime opportunity is inadequate from a democratic perspective. The vote was lost, and the Scottish Greens have accepted that. We also accept that this result did not settle the question in the minds of almost half of Scotland’s population, and as such we remain open to the question being put to the people again.

    As a party of local democracy, we are – as always, with room for debate and disagreement in the ranks! – with those people, and as such we are keen to investigate the opportunities Scottish independence would open up for creating the sort of fairer, more sustainable society that Scottish Greens are always working towards. We have also been very clear that exploring these possibilities should not come at the expense of working towards creating that sort of society within the UK, hence our determination to increase our presence in Holyrood next year – we are always looking for opportunities to put Green ideas into practice.

    Your comment about the party leadership forcing referendums on people seems ill-considered in light of the proposals set out in this statement. For example:

    3. The timing of the referendum should be determined by public appetite: Scotland should decide, when Scotland wants to decide.

    4. In assessing public appetite for a second referendum we will respect new kinds of citizen-led initiatives – for example, a call for a referendum signed by up to 1 million people on the electoral register.

    You ask us to abide by and support the free will of the Scottish people. By seeking to ensure that the power to instigate a second independence referendum sits with voters rather than in the hands of political strategists from any party, this is exactly what we have sought to do.


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