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East Renfrewshire Greens put hospital bus routes to the test


Our campaign to test the bus routes to the new Glasgow Southern Hospitals has attracted the attention of the Glasgow South and Eastwood Extra today. The local paper has run an article on the transport links to the new hospital facilities, and while the most important thing about this development is that it shows that this important issue is drawing press scrutiny, seeing this quote from a familiar face certainly raised a smile round our way too:

The Scottish Greens East Renfrewshire branch maintains that “the impact on people travelling has largely been ignored”.

The group has planned an action for July 11. Co-convener Ciaran Roarty told The Extra: “We hope to collate data through a day of travel — recording times, costs of tickets, the number of tickets required and waits between services.”

As Ciaran says, we’ll be gathering information on how difficult it was to get to the new South Hospitals as part of our action day but we’re also interested in hearing from you about your experiences of travel to and from this location on public transport.

To make this easier on anyone who’s willing to help, we’ll be posting a downloadable form that lays out exactly what sort of information we’re looking to gather some time in the next few days.

Whether you use that or not, please feel free to contact us via email (, Facebook, twitter, or in the comments of this blog if you want to share your experience.


3 comments on “East Renfrewshire Greens put hospital bus routes to the test

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