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Getting in Front of the Aftershocks


Photo by RonF ; The Weekly Bull

Our friends at Common Space have posted an excellent write-up of some of the alarming information contained in the unredacted version of the Department for environment, food and rural affairs‘ report on the potential impact of fracking:

Fracking’s impact on Scotland’s water supply could potentially have far reaching effects. The report found that the leakage of waste fluids from hydraulic fracking has caused environmental damage, citing examples from the United States.

This in turn could lead to adverse affects on human health due to contamination of agricultural products as well as polluted drinking water. While the report concluded that UK regulation on fracking wells was “likely to be more robust” it also stated that the overall “potential impacts on water resource availability, aquatic habitats and ecosystems and water quality is uncertain”.

Impacts on the economy of rural areas are also likely to be a concern, with the report stating: “Shale gas development may transform a previously pristine and quiet natural region, bringing increased industrialisation.”

There’s more on that theme over at the Common Space site.

While there’s currently a moratorium on fracking in Scotland, the enquiries we made in the run up to May’s general election showed that if you want to take a strong, lasting stance against fracking the only secure vote is a Green vote.


2 comments on “Getting in Front of the Aftershocks

  1. RonF
    December 10, 2015

    Am flattered you have used my image in this article, but you need to read the copyright terms on the Flickr page from which it was taken. These require that you provide attribution and a link to the original. Please add,

    Attribution: RonF – The Weekly Bull

    If this isn’t possible, please remove the image.



    • daval82
      December 11, 2015

      Ron – all apologies, that was rather poor of me! I’ll edit and update the post with a link an attribution immediately!

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention.



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