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Getting to the New South Glasgow Hospitals via public transport


In March, I attended an open information meeting at the Newton Mearns Baptist Church on the New South Glasgow Hospitals. Reviewing my earlier blog post for this article, I thought the following quotes were pertinent

As the meeting was in Newton Mearns, the majority of people were concerned about getting to the hospitals via any means within two hours.

and other than a reference to Community Transport ER

We were quite a while into the presentation at this point and it was clear that there was no detail about any other transport available.

Time has moved on and the New South Glasgow Hospitals, hereafter NSGH, are fully open and operational so we thought it was time to make good on our promise in that previous blog post:

The East Ren Greens are planning an event to draw attention to the difficulties of getting to the new hospitals via public transport and we’ll let you know what form that will take when we have a firmer timetable – we’ll be joining up with our members in Renfrewshire and Glasgow and we hope to make a real improvement to the services available.

So, on Saturday the 11th July, 2015 we want to get as many people as we can to make their way to the NSGH via public transport and record the effort involved. So, if I was doing it then it might look something like this:

  • Walk to Clarkston Main St – less than a mile – no ticket required – free – 8 minutes
  • Bus from Clarkston Main St to Battlefield Rest – FirstDay ticket – £4.50 – 30 minutes + 12 minute wait
  • Bus from Battlefield Rest to NSGH Bus Plaza – First Day ticket – included – 35 minutes + 20 minute wait (for example)

By getting as many of these responses – we will start to build a real picture of how difficult this is for people – how much effort, cost, and time is required to meet that appointment slot.

On the day of action we will be looking to meet in the cafe to get to the Hospitals between 11am – 1pm, we had thought of using the cafe as a meeting point but that’s not suitable. We’ll let you know in advance of the day. We must be careful not to interrupt the working of the hospital in any way so we may give staggered target times to reach the hospital but we would also ask that anybody who is attending the NSGH via public transport continues to keep a diary of those journeys and makes them available to us.

We’ve setup a Facebook event for this and it would be great if you signed up there to let us know your availability.


3 comments on “Getting to the New South Glasgow Hospitals via public transport

  1. Children's nurse
    June 23, 2015

    please rethink your meeting area. You are meeting over lunchtime when staff are on their breaks and there is not enough seating already never mind organising what could be potentially a large number of people attending your event.

    Many thanks

    Liked by 1 person


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