Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Edinburgh to London in numbers

The stats behind the cycle from Glasgow Edinburgh to London!


4 riders

6.5 days

530 miles in total – longest day 110 miles

610,560 pedal strokes (approx)

4 bikes

9 wheels (one new one after the 1 Berwick taxi incident)

1 new spoke

0 punctures

2 bike shop visits for repairs

8 achy legs (even Jim’s)

2 painful achille’s tendons (Thom’s)

1 painful shoulder (Jo’s)

144 ibuprofen tablets (plus paracetamol)

6 RSPB reserves visited or viewed

XX bird species seen or heard (we might run an office sweepstake on this so can’t tell you)

40,000 calories burnt (very approx)

1000s of calories eaten each day

84 snickers bars (approx)

1 bottle of bubbly on arrival to London


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3 comments on “Edinburgh to London in numbers

  1. Jim Densham
    June 18, 2015

    It was Edinburgh to London rather than Glasgow. Either way is a long way!


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