Scottish Greens – East Renfrewshire

Voting in East Renfrewshire – Red Lines and Beyond

While I was asking the candidates who are standing in East Renfrewshire what their positions were on fracking and asylum detention, our friends at Common Weal were busy finding out whether any of them were willing to sign up for their Red Lines campaign.


As part of a nationwide effort, the East Renfrewshire candidates were asked whether they would support one or more of the following positions:

  • STOP CUTTING, START INVESTING – Austerity is damaging the lives of millions and destroying the fabric of our society and economy. It is the prosperity of the people which will fix our problems, not their poverty.
  • RETURN POWER TO THE PEOPLE – Britain is run by a tiny clique for their own interests. We must take power away from them and return it to the people through a major process of decentralisation.
  • FIX WESTMINSTER – Despite a string of scandals, Westminster refuses to change. It is a broken parliament which is failing its people and it must be reformed.
  • RAISE WAGES – More and more of Britain’s wealth goes in profit to the rich and less and less in wages to everyone else. It is time to reverse this trend.
  • BACK CHILDREN, NOT TRIDENT – Britain is about to spend billions on immoral and useless weapons of mass destruction. We should instead invest the money in world-class, free universal childcare

There’s more information on all of those points at the above links if, like me, you’re a sucker for detail.

According to this spreadsheet compiling the responses of candidates all over Scotland, none of the candidates standing in East Renfrewshire for this election agreed to sign up to any of these positions.  It’s fair to say that some of the values behind these proposals are shared by the parties involved – decentralised power isn’t totally alien to the Liberal Democrats, for example, while the SNP have a long standing opposition to Trident – so there might be other factors involved in the lack of uptake here.

Scottish Green Party candidates committed to these positions across the board, as did most of our comrades in the Scottish Socialist Party.  You might not be able to vote for either of those parties in East Renfrewshire this year, but if you find yourself thinking that you’d rather live in a country that stuck to these principles, remember that politics doesn’t stop after you cast your vote tomorrow.

When the dust settles on the general election, we’ll still be campaigning on all of these points in the hope of making a better world. It’s going to be hard. We’d love you to join us .


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This entry was posted on May 6, 2015 by in living wage, Red Lines, Trident.
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