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Back Children, Not Trident

Alongside some of our fellow Greens from Glasgow, we’ll have a stall at the Bairns Not Bombs – Scrap Trident demo in Glasgow’s tomorrow (4th April).

As Patrick Harvie MSP said:

We have a chance to send a strong message that by repurposing our military and adapting to the threats of the 21st century we can leave the Cold War mentality behind and free up funds to create the jobs our society needs. Scotland is a nation of peace not international aggression. Those advocating renewal of Trident should think carefully how £100 billion could transform our communities.

If like Patrick (and like our friends at the Common Weal!) you think the money that’s due to be spent on these weapons of mass destruction would be better spent on “a free, universal, world-class national childcare programme”, or if you’re not convinced but want to hear someone make the case, why not come along and check it out?

The demonstration will assemble at 10:30 at George Square, march at 11am, then return to George Square for a rally at 12noon.

TRIDENT4Confirmed speakers at the rally include: Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland; Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-Convenor, Scottish Greens; Katy Clark MP (Labour); Cat Boyd, Radical Independence Campaign; Sasha Callaghan, Disability History Scotland; Nuala Watt, Human Beings on Benefits; Ann Henderson, Assistant Secretary, STUC; and singers Karine Polwart and Penny Stone.


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